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I <3 Earl Grey
I wish I had these mad skills…..alas
the best nights rest you will ever get

the best nights rest you will ever get

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Top 10 Philosophical Foods:

10. Kantelope

9. Corn on the Hobbes

8. Nietzscheese

7. Aris-tater-totle

6. DesCartichoke

5. Bhegel

4. Russel Sprouts

3. Foucaureos

2. Piedegger

1. Francis Baconburger

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I am still feeling wild! So I have created a Zebra print eye & lip look……


You can apply animal print makeup for a costume or special occasion or just for fun. You can find inspiration from face painting especially to mimic animal print with makeup.


1.Create a zebra print with a white base eye shadow all over the eyelids extended to the brow bone.

2.Decide on which what part of your face you want to apply makeup. You can cover your entire face in animal print or just your eyes and lips.

3.Literally using a black waterproof liquid eye liner(I used MUA’s- £1) Draw the stripes using a zebra print pattern as preference. Test a few out before deciding what works for you.

Use a magnifying mirror, if available, to get a closer look while you work. Be patient and keep your hand steady, or have a friend do it for you. Draw the stripes in one or two locations only such as eyelids extended onto the face; I also did the same effect on clean make-up free lips. Or go even wilder do zebra patterns all across the face?


 I hope you like my wild side and have a go at this yourself?




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You gotta fight for your right to be a geek!

You gotta fight for your right to be a geek!